"Erika was our doula and she was amazing. What we loved most about her was the fact that she was the "Everything" woman! I could ask her any question any time. My husband asked h..."

Deanna Bloomfield

Satisfied Mom

"Renting a birthing tub was the best decision I made in regards to my labour. I got in the tub early on and it helped keep me calm and relaxed during my contractions. I got out o..."

Alyssa K

Satisfied Birth Pool Renter

"Lindsay provided me with techniques to help (my partner) with pain management during contractions. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a Doula. What impressed me the m..."

Andrew P

Labouring Father

We are always offering groups and classes! To see our schedule, visit our Facebook Page.

Information to help you get from Belly 2 Baby...and Beyond

"You have questions, we've got answers! Our class sizes are kept small to ensure that ALL your questions get answered in a

private setting."

We believe that there is one way to birth; your way! These classes allow you to explore YOUR Ideal Birth through information and activities. We draw upon many different teaching methods and birthing philosophies to create our unique classes.

Prenatal Breastfeeding Workshop

Are you expecting your first baby, or a new addition to your growing family?

Either way, this workshop is designed for Mothers and Partners in their third trimester to help you to achieve your Breastfeeding Goals!

We will guide you through this interactive 3 hour class where you can get your questions answered and expect to learn all about breastfeeding.

Group rate: $175

Private rate: $195

What you will learn during the Breastfeeding Workshop:

Guiding your baby to latch and drink effectively.

The benefits of Skin-to-skin contact.

Managing breast milk supply and flow.

How to know if your baby is getting enough milk.

How to know when breastfeeding is going well and what to do when it is not.

And much more!

Birth Prep Classes

Our classes are informative and always full of laughs! No dry, standard information here. We cover topics like pregnancy care, birth interventions on an 'informed patient' basis, comfort measures, post-partum and infant feeding.

Private Classes: Sometimes busy lives do not slow down in pregnancy. For some people, sitting in a 6 week session just doesn`t work. Or are you looking for something different in your birth, such as homebirth or surrogacy, and wish to get information relevant to your needs.

We have the solution; private childbirth preparation classes! We have taken our knowledge, experience and passion and can tailored our classes to you. We can offer this class in either one 8 hour day or whatever works for you.

Group rate: $175

Private rate: $195

Birthin' More Babes

Finally!! A Prenatal class for those expecting twins or higher order multiples. Taught by an experienced Mom of Twins and doula who knows how you are feeling!

Space is limited to 3 couples. 8 hours spread over 2 days. Ideal for women and partners in their 2nd trimester, but open to everyone.

Topics include:

  • The many different types of Multiple pregnancies, how each one can affect pregnancy and how you birth.
  • Special Momma Care required, nutrition, rest.
  • Expert tips from a Mom who has been there (and survived).
  • Yes! You can breastfeed twins or higher!
  • Great community resources to help ease your transition.

Classes held as requested.